The Des Moines Rehabbers Club and RenovateDSM maintain this directory as a starting point to help people identify professionals, trades, and suppliers for their renovation work.  Appearing in this list does not mean that a contractor or supplier will be the right person for your particular job – DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Before working with any business, it is important to check references and look at prior work.


  • This list is meant to help make connections between Rehabbers and contractors. Listings and reviews of Contractors may be posted by Rehabbers, which include: Des Moines Rehabbers Club (DSMRC) paid members, DSMRC email group members, DSMRC Facebook group members, or those who have signed in at a DSMRC event)
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  • Rehabbers should only submit reviews for Contractors that they have done business with. Please keep your discussions civil and factual. The list is not a forum for resolving disputes.
  • DSMRC doesn’t verify content or accuracy of listings or reviews.  To report a broken link or update a contractor’s contact information, please email
  • Contractors will be notified the first time they are nominated to the list
  • Contractors who have a concern about a review may:
    • Request not to be reviewed (this will be noted in lieu of a review)
    • Request to respond to a review by emailing  
    • Ask their other clients to post positive reviews.
  • Reviews and responses may be removed or resubmitted by Rehabbers and Contractors, To do so, email  

As a condition of using this list, you agree that the Des Moines Rehabbers Club shall not be held responsible for advice given, work performed, materials provided, or supplies sold by any business or individual listed herein.