The Stained Glass Store

The Stained Glass Store
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] The Stained Glass Store was exceptionally helpful and worked to get us exactly what we needed —  perfect wavy glass replacements! We couldn’t be happier!  

Services (from the website):
We create new stained glass applications for virtually any need. We specialize in traditional design to contemporary, taking into mind all the important variables such as architecture, lighting, theme, color motif, as well as personal wishes.
Any design you wish can be constructed in the faceted style by our national award winning artist.
Hand painted:
Our artists will create a design based on your input, that you, or committee, have final say on prior to construction begins.
Protective coverings:
We have extensive experience installing protective coverings, of all types, from plate glass to polycarbonate plastics.
Our studio has been called upon, around the United States, to restore entire churches, stained glass damaged by fire or storm. We take extraordinary care in rescuing and replicating the original look and feel with many references to verify our claim.
We repair, nearly all forms of stained glass, from lampshades, beveled glass to a leaded glass window.
We custom etch glass according to need for residential, commercial and church.