Bell Brothers HVAC

Jason at Bell Brothers knows HVAC inside and out. ¬†Doesn’t just try to sell the biggest system, he will do a thorough assessment of the ductwork/distribution, existing system, size and configuration of the house, measurements of flow and temperature. ¬†The installers are thorough and efficient, as well as experienced working in older homes.

(515) 244-8911
Jason Gassman
Des Moines Comfort Heating and Cooling
[Via RenovateDSM website] Des Moines Comfort installs standard and high efficiency furnaces and A/C systems, including heat pumps. They have installed complete systems in several of my remodeling projects and typically schedule someone within a week or two for major work. They also do seasonal maintenance and emergency troubleshooting.

(515) 266-4660
Lee Rose
Honest Service
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] We used Chris Emmert of Honest Service in the house that we’re rehabbing. He was one of 5 estimates that we got. He is a one man operation and doesn’t advertise or drive an expensive company logo truck. He doesn’t advertise because he doesn’t have to. His business is all by word of mouth. He mainly uses Goodman. He put in a 95 percent furnace and a high efficiency AC unit. He is knowledgeable and has a good personality.

(515) 480-1881
Chris Emmert
Leonard Tinker Heating and Cooling
[Via RenovateDSM website] Leonard Tinker does complete system installation, emergency troubleshooting, and seasonal maintenance. Call first thing in the morning when he is near his computer to schedule an appointment. Not the least expensive contractor, but he’s been around the block and really know what he is doing. Very liberal politics and loves to talk – lots of opinions, so if your politics lean right and you don’t want to talk about it, seek someone else.

(515) 263-0422
Leonard Tinker