ALL Plumbing LLC
[Via RenovateDSM website] I recently had Rich work on my sewer lines, installing a check-valve and clean-out amongst other things. He’s very knowledgeable, competent, punctual and easy to get along with. I think he did a great job for a very reasonable price.

(515) 964-1888
Rich DeBartolo
Brown’s Dirt Work
[Via RenovateDSM website] Brown’s is a full service plumber that can do anything from new water and sewer service/replacement to interior plumbing. They saved me several thousand dollars from their original bid when they replaced the water line at my house: they contracted to replace the line to the main, but determined that the portion under the street was in good enough condition to stay. They were the low bid as well.

(515) 282-0203
Kim Bowen
Park Avenue Plumbing
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] Terry has been doing work for me and a bunch of my friends/co-workers for about 15 years. He has extensive residential and commercial experience, old and new construction. A couple of other pluses: Terry is hilarious and he is also a great resource for other service professionals with whom he has become familiar over the years.

(515) 244-8719
Terry Yakish