AAA Roofing Company
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] They were a recommendation from neighbors on my block, were timely in their response, price was good,and they have been very organized.
(515) 282-6510
Bakeris Roofing
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] We had a metal roof put on our house from bakeris roofing.. looks nice and will last longer than I will. They put in a power fan with a humidistat. It pulls air through the roof vents to keep the humidity down, so it sounds a bit strange walking by and hearing the roof fan on in this wonderful winter weather. They also put in some additional vents along the hip of the roof as well.

(515) 967-8199
Deever Roofing
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] Deever Roofing did my house… I would highly recommend them. Ken Deever, the owner, has been involved charitably in Des Moines for a long time as well.
(515) 262-9240
Ken Deever
European Roofing
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] About five years ago they replaced some leaks in our tile roof that the previous homeowner had tried to have others fix multiple times. They came out once identified the problem and we haven’t had any issues since. They also did repairs on some areas that were not leaky yet but the tiles were not installed correctly at some point (external brackets held these sections in place). Branko is very interesting to talk to and knows a lot about the tile and likes to educate homeowners.

(515) 288-8650
Branko and Drazen Karalic
JB Roofing
[Via RenovateDSM website] I am a former client 2012. This is written as a reference on a job that turned out better than expected. Understand that I am a very demanding client, unreasonable and with little patience. I have dealt with 4 prior contractors who did repairs and partial replacements. All 4 left my roof leaking.

(515) 554-1964
Joe Burkhardt