Trades and Subs

A+ Flat Top Concrete
[Via RenovateDSM website] Mark and his crew are knowledgeable and fast. They do exterior flatwork including sidewalks, parking pads, garage floors, as well as and interior basement flatwork.

(515) 333-0166
Mark Tague
AAA Roofing Company
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] They were a recommendation from neighbors on my block, were timely in their response, price was good,and they have been very organized.
(515) 282-6510
Advantage Electric
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] Advantage Electric is who I have used. They can be reached by calling 208-0684. Jeremy is the name of the gentleman that they sent out and he did great work, and at a good price. He even fixed an outdoor light on our house at no additional cost, making it so we could use it when it was raining/snowing. I would highly recommend them!

(515) 208-0684
ALL Plumbing LLC
[Via RenovateDSM website] I recently had Rich work on my sewer lines, installing a check-valve and clean-out amongst other things. He’s very knowledgeable, competent, punctual and easy to get along with. I think he did a great job for a very reasonable price.

(515) 964-1888
Rich DeBartolo
American Fence Company
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] We had American price our fence along with four others and they were the best price. My husband wanted to use a smaller company that came in almost as low as American, so we did that and later wished we had just gone with American (quality). I also used them for my last house and they did a great job.

(515) 265-6100
Chris Goering
Atlas Masonry and Chimney
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] I am not sure about their availability or job size requirements, but they do a beautiful job. They just finished new knee walls for the front entry of our 1919 home.

(515) 313-1407
Bakeris Roofing
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] We had a metal roof put on our house from bakeris roofing.. looks nice and will last longer than I will. They put in a power fan with a humidistat. It pulls air through the roof vents to keep the humidity down, so it sounds a bit strange walking by and hearing the roof fan on in this wonderful winter weather. They also put in some additional vents along the hip of the roof as well.

(515) 967-8199
Barton, Joel
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] Joel finished the two larger areas of stucco work today, he did a great job. I think he came pretty close to matching the texture and was a pleasure to work with. He showed up on time and got back to me promptly when I called him. I would recommend him to anyone in need of stucco work.

(515) 202-5753
Bell Brothers HVAC

Jason at Bell Brothers knows HVAC inside and out.  Doesn’t just try to sell the biggest system, he will do a thorough assessment of the ductwork/distribution, existing system, size and configuration of the house, measurements of flow and temperature.  The installers are thorough and efficient, as well as experienced working in older homes.

(515) 244-8911
Jason Gassman
Billy Bell Housemoving

Billy Bell’s crew can move pretty much anything on a foundation.  They don’t provide help with the whole process of building and preparing the new foundation, but when you are ready, they are efficient about picking up the structure, moving it, and dealing with the problems that inevitably crop up.  Billy has also participated in the Mayor’s task force on demolition review… shows a commitment to preservation.

(515) 994-2513
Billy Bell
Brown’s Dirt Work
[Via RenovateDSM website] Brown’s is a full service plumber that can do anything from new water and sewer service/replacement to interior plumbing. They saved me several thousand dollars from their original bid when they replaced the water line at my house: they contracted to replace the line to the main, but determined that the portion under the street was in good enough condition to stay. They were the low bid as well.

(515) 282-0203
Kim Bowen
Central Iowa Hardwood Floors
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] I work with Central Iowa Hardwood Floors and Mike is the owner/operator. He has done 3 homes for me so far, including fingering in to patch holes and also refinished floors in a friends house. With all these jobs he arrived when scheduled, finished when planned and met his bid price.

(515) 285-0157
Mike Leo
Controlled Asbestos, Inc

Work safe… Asbestos can be found in older adhesives, resilient floor tiles, pipe wrap, insulation, and even plaster.  If the material is in good condition, you don’t need to worry but if it is deteriorated or if you are removing it, work safe.  Controlled Asbestos can asses and remove potentially dangerous materials.  They are a subsidiary of L&L Insulation.

(515) 240-0297
Crose & Lemke Construction, Inc.

Crose & Lemke specializes in remodeling, renovations and additions for both houses and condominiums. They offer a full slate of in-house construction services, including design-build, new additions, interior and exterior updates and small projects. They have four primary divisions: masonry, carpentry, millwork and repairs/moisture control.
(515) 255-2509
Cunningham, Steve
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] The plaster walls of our 1924 English Tudor were definitely showing their age. We found it difficult to find a component person to repair the cracks on our walls, not just cover them with drywall. We found Steve on CraigsList and had him repairs cracks in our 2nd floor hallway and master bedroom closet. We were beyond impressed with the results. We asked him back to repairs the cracks in a guest bedroom. He has been a union plasterer for 20 years and is a master of his craft.

(515) 249-5788
Steve Cunningham
Deever Roofing
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] Deever Roofing did my house… I would highly recommend them. Ken Deever, the owner, has been involved charitably in Des Moines for a long time as well.
(515) 262-9240
Ken Deever