Window Repair

Peterson, Glen
[Via the DSMRC Email Group] We are having Glen Peterson do work for us. He does excellent work and is very reasonable. He generally charges $250 for an 8 hour day, no matter what the job is. The only problem is he lives in Perry, which is about 40 miles NW of Des Moines, and he does not always have time to make it to Des Moines.

(515) 360-5123
Glen Peterson

Window sash and frame restoration expert – reconstruction of damaged sashes, stripping, epoxy repair, reglazing, frame repair, weatherstripping, and weights. ┬áHis business is out of northeast Iowa, so with small jobs, he will ask that you get the sashes to his shop for restoration. ┬áLarger jobs, he may be willing to send a crew out to pull and reinstall the windows.

David taught the Des Moines Rehabbers Club Window Restoration seminar in spring of 2014.

(563) 419-0390
David Wadsworth