Help Wanted!

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Help wanted signYou’ve spoken up and the Rehabbers Club has heard you! Let’s do more events! More tours! More online how-to articles!

Our usual organizers are stretched a little thin these days, so we’re looking for some volunteers. Share your skills with us!

Our most pressing needs include:
1.) Organizing social events like the one we had at Della Viti a couple months ago. It’s pretty easy and we have a budget for snacks!
2.) Setting up project and home tours. Help us coordinate with other organizations like the Iowa Architectural Foundation and the Des Moines Historical Society to cooperate on events that everyone will love!
3.) Publicity! Are you good at WordPress? Facebook? Instagram? We want your skills to keep our members informed and connected!

If you’d like to pitch in, email us at or text/call 515-451-7559. Thank you!