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Renovation Safety and Outcomes

Knowledgeable people often disagree on the “best” way to perform even the most mundane of renovation tasks. Renovation is a complex process.  Renovators should always refer to multiple sources of information before undertaking any activity at which they are inexperienced. Failure to follow generally accepted construction safety practices, even if not explicitly stated on this web site, may result in serious injury, death, and/or damage to property.

By utilizing or referring to any content on this web site as part of a renovation project, the user warrants that he or she understands the inherent risks in renovation, and assumes all liability for injury, death, and/or damage to property incurred as a result of explicit or implicit advice on this web site.

That said, there are many activities that even an inexperienced renovator can undertake safely and effectively. As you decide which tasks to take on, carefully judge your skill, available time, and patience level. Overestimating your ability to tackle a new and difficult task can have a lasting negative impact on your project and your overall satisfaction with the renovation process.

Even when there are tasks you cannot perform yourself, take the opportunity to learn from your contractors. Ask them to explain the whys and hows so you can better understand the way your house is put together.


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